Tuesday, 3 October 2017


When you know that preschool children always yearn to become vibrant and energetic, you can think about easy to understand floor games as an alternative for games to be played outdoors. According to reputed resource center, these games help a long way for kids to work within a team and improve motor skills that have not developed within them. So, be the first person to grab any one of the floor games described below. It could either be a board game set or something for webkinz play.

Duck, Duck. Goose
Initially, ask the kids to form a circle as they are seated facing each other. Name one of the children as ‘It’ and let him walk along the circumference. Later, he would go about tapping other’s head by saying ‘Duck’. While he is choosing, he suddenly taps someone and says ‘Goose’. It’s at this point of time ‘Goose’ needs to take the lead and chase ‘It’. In case ‘It’ sits down before the other player tries to catch him, then the game continues with ‘Goose’ as now he or she is tagged with ‘It’.

Little Sally / Sammy Saucer
Once the kids have gathered, help the children to sit on the floor in a circular fashion. Select one child who would sit at the center and request him or her to keep eyes closed. Later the children need to recite “Little Sally Saucer, sitting in the water, rise, Sally, rise, Sally, wipe away your tears, Sally, turn to the east, Sally, turn to the west, Sally, turn to the one that you like best, Sally”. Sally (the one in the center) mimics the rhyme and then stretches her hand as well as points either in the ‘West’ or ‘East’ direction. The game continues with the individual who has been spotted by ‘Sally’ as soon as she has finished repeating the rhyme.

Follow the leader
In this game, the children have to be standing upright rather than being seated on the floor. While an individual is selected as a leader, someone else has to identify him. The others who are present in the circle have to follow the actions done by the leader. It’s actually tricky to identify the real one when actions after actions follow swiftly. The game progresses with the leader takes his or her turn.

Bug in a Rug
Instruct the kids to form a circle and be seated in positions facing one another. Select a child to be ‘It’ and another one as ‘Bug’. Later, tell the child to leave the room and return back after a minute unless and until the other child has hidden himself inside a towel. Once ‘It’ comes to join the group, you can request him to search who’s missing as the group recites “Bug, bug, bug in a rug, who is the bug in a rug?” The game continues with ‘Bug’ who plays the role of ‘It’. Well, this game might sound funny, but it helps towards building the memory of fumbling toddlers.

Finally, if you are raising a daughter then think about Barbie special edition dolls through the vast collection of toys present on different online platforms.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


The Toytooth family wishes everyone a happy back to school day. Education is indeed an important part of every individual’s life. The family at Toytooth constantly encourages people in that direction, which is why we have come up with our back to school offer. Our range of exciting products, from books to shelves to interactive games are now available at discounted rates. We believe interactive games and toys can help kids cope better with their surroundings. It is extremely important to teach students the importance of organisational skills, sharing, art and craft.
Our range of art and craft products are sure to melt your heart. From colouring books to art kits, we have it all covered in our sale. Education and a healthy upbringing are the keys to help kids build a successful personality for themselves. A tough personality and a beautiful mind go a long way in moulding them into warm and courteous individuals.
It is important to keep them busy throughout the day. A busy mind tends to think creatively. Moreover, kids have ample time in hand to use it in the best possible way. Why not make use of this time by doing something creative? Creativity knows no bounds and it is important to make your kids realise their worth and capabilities. Anxiety and depression have been harping kids and their self-worth incessantly nowadays. To help them cope with so much pressure from school and elsewhere, it is important to keep them involved in some of the other actors all the time.
Browse through our range of products and choose the online back to school best treat for your little one. Not only kids, our range of products for toddlers is also going to melt your heart. We have a range of toys and games for toddlers that would help them enhance their intelligence and wit. Age 3-5 is in fact essentially the most important age for kids. Kids tend to learn the most during these years and interactive toys and games only add to their personal development. Moreover, these toys are said to make the kids more empathetic and less regressive. They learn a lot more about colours, shades and patterns which help in their mental growth.
Our toys and other products are made with utmost care because we are aware of how kids tend to nibble at everything they find handy. Let us pledge together to bring happiness, knowledge and joy to the kids and help them go a long way in succeeding in life.

Thursday, 13 April 2017


Many a times, the question ‘Which could be one of the best educational toys?’ is often heard. It’s quite obvious, that parents only want what’s the right toy at the right price. So, we hope this blog gives you everything that you need to know about educational toys. As far as developing and mastering skills are concerned, an online store comes with prime objective of packing toys with fun and at the same time making them easy to play with. You may seek advice or smart tips to make a preferred choice to amaze your little ones. But, before we start off we would like to make you aware what educational toys are in reality. 

About Educational Toys

It’s always a playtime when fun and laughter gradually instills skills as well as abilities with discreet teaching methods. But nowadays, toys are crafted in various shapes and sizes painted in different colors. It’s all about how a child handles and interacts with the toy. When participation is in full swing, these kids educational toys help to bring in responses which are precisely what every parent wants. So let’s take a quick look at what children have to learn during the formative years when they gear themselves up with several capabilities which have not been explored. Through eye and hand coordination, learning toys helps to develop physical abilities in addition to the mental as well as cognitive skills. Moreover, the kid gets a chance to hone in on skills associated with language proficiency when interaction never ends for long hours. You would make a great difference once you have bought the best selling learning toy for your little one. 

Tips for selecting toys

Consider buying something simple among learning toys but which creates a visual appeal. While learning toys add more fun, they need to be safe. It’s with this aspect in mind, we suggest you to buy something that has been built from eco-friendly materials. In the real world, toys should contribute towards positive benefits which promotes your little one’s growth with each passing day. 

Think about a toy which is never too complicated while a group of kids are spending a wonderful time. Depending on the age of your child, you should go shopping for a toy. However, you need to consult people next door and your mates to know which sells like nothing else in the world. This tip should be given paramount importance because the prime purpose of playing with the toy should be served. Do also consider the ease with which the toy can be handled when development of skills is not at bay. These include developing coordination, creativity and enhancing the existing analytical thoughts. 

Last but not least, visit online toy stores along with your little one to understand what he or she is interested in. Alternatively, you can also browse through a wide range of educational toys and avail exclusive offers. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


While playing games is the way to spend time together in a productive way, it is important to develop various skills through board games. It’s surely an added bonus when there are many learning opportunities for your little ones. Moreover, it ignites the desire to master concepts which always new to kids. These concepts include visual perception, dexterity, color recognition, reading and guessing words through the arrangement of letters and much more. It’s an indoor game when you needn’t care if your son or daughter goes astray. Besides, you don’t have to think about uttering words of caution which could probably be the case with outdoor sports as well as activities. So here are some benefits which your child can reap through board games.

As your child shows active participation and involvement in the game, you as a parent should help to understand that it’s not the matter of winning every time. Whenever they are left behind, they learn that losing should also be taken as it comes in their way. More than this, it helps to manage frustration and feel proud when they outdo each other in their social circles. With rules explained at the start of the game, children understand that they need to follow the right steps to reach towards a certain goal. If it’s high time to buy the best board games, then go shopping online.

Feeling good along with having fun is one of the effects observed while playing board games. Laughter triggers endorphins, a chemical that infuses happiness within. Sharing with mates paves a way to trust others and be compassionate whenever it is required. Empathy can also be rendered to the one who is going through a bad phase in life. The games also let you embrace positive energy which otherwise would not be there in an idle state. They help to release stress in a much better way. 

With no disturbance around, kids can practice cognitive skills with the help of a board game. Areas of the brain which contributes towards thinking out of the box and remembering something forgotten can benefit from such games. It benefits the child when he or she become aged and have to be intellectual enough to solve problems that they might encounter. They no longer need to worry about a decline associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. They rest assured that keeping a mind busy increases strength. 

When your child doesn’t go out of focus, board games help towards the overall development of logical and reasoning skills. Games like chess aids kids to laud the potential of how they can compete with his or her opponent. Try board games online so that you have a wide range to choose from.

If you want to find the easiest way to combat diseases, then board games aid children to make the immune system strong. It’s quite obvious of the fact that when stress is flushed away, there is hardly any chance for the child to be impaired mentally and physically. Over a period of time, it would be amazing to observe a boost in nerve functionalities. 

On a concluding note, we just say that’s totally up to you whether or not you need to purchase a board game. Look out for exclusive offers online or in the marketplace near your location.

Friday, 24 March 2017


It’s quite obvious that the first toy that you would buy for your little one might be something procured from stuffed animals. This is because something stuffed with cotton makes it cute and to hold it closely. On the other hand, getting a soft toy for your infant instills a sense of comfort and a belonging that he or she is never alone. Many have not yet realized that stuffed toys make the baby’s day whether he is indoors or outdoors. So, here are some benefits of playing with stuffed animals. 

The feeling of owning soft toys gets instilled within a kid when he crosses the age of two. During this year, he or she is able to pick up kindness as well as empathy which he can show in reality. It is at a certain point of time that the child begins to call the animal with names. Names which are neither heard of or have come across in different situations. Besides, he or she can develop parenting skills with the pretext that the child is feeding or caressing the animal off to sleep. In addition, the child learns how to face challenges in life and how he or she can express effectively when he is talking with the elder members of the family. In order to broaden your options, think of buying a soft toy from most recognized online portals. Alternatively, if time is not a constraint, then you can visit the marketplace to find something unique. 

For preschoolers, regardless of what the favorite toy might be, they can add the flight to their imaginations and play a role observed in day to day life. It could either be a teacher making learning fun, or a television character who he admires most. Once these skills are enhanced,  these would help to remove the fright and make him bold wherever he carries himself. Plush animals also help to boost confidence and remove the sadness if a poignant mother has been harsh to kid at any hour of the day. It infuses them with a joy of finding comfort with stuffed animals and pour their feelings to a great extent. In case if the child starts speaking with the toy, he not only builds his vocabulary but also develops verbal communication skills at a faster rate.

Leaving everything aside, because as your kid starts going to school he would surely enjoy playing with stuffed toys and enjoy comic shows happening live on television or in the city. To cut it short, it would help in developing a positive feeling and explore the world around him. He or she would start looking at a greener side with the passage of time as he matures into a confident boy.  

Thursday, 23 March 2017


When there are many fancy toys available in the marketplace, a parent would not think of purchasing building blocks. But, are you aware of its benefits? Studies have revealed that benefits galore with building block play. These include social, intellectual, and physical development. To put it in a nutshell, these toys help to prepare the baby for a bright future.

Physical benefits
Since playing with toy blocks involves hand movements while lifting an apparently heavy block, it’s obvious that it sharpen motor skills. Besides adding strength to fingers, hands, and arms, it helps towards hand-eye coordination which is essential. You might not think about this benefit at an early stage, but it actually enables a fumbling child to carry out different types of tasks with a no effort. Block play gives a head start on discriminating shapes and enhances thinking skills while fitting the block in the right place. Moreover, reading instructions on how to construct an object virtually helps for interpreting images and boosting imagination power.

Creative Benefits
Playing with building toys not helps kids to dream their own model but also a chance to be creative in the activity. Once they have built something from their thoughts, it gives them a satisfaction of creating unique things which might not be into existence. Besides, since little ones think about a solution when the right piece doesn’t fit properly, problem-solving skills are thereby enhanced. Later, as he is adept at building various objects, it makes their imagination run wild.

Social Benefits
Block play gives the confidence to mingle with friends who lend helping hands in the constructive activity. It also encourages teamwork as imaginations help to solve problems easily and quickly. According to a research, it was found that kids seek like-minded mates and are much more cooperative than any other game. In addition, it helps to ignite a curiosity to explore a totally new world by positioning toy vehicles and little figurines on the object. Different faces of statuettes help them to interact and make them mature enough to tackle different circumstances in future. Do visit the market or browse online for building blocks for kids.

Intellectual Benefits
As your little one pile up each block over the other, he or she learns numerous things. Believe it or not, it helps to perform simple math operations like addition, subtraction as well as sorting blocks. It also kindles a sense of understanding geometry through matching shapes as they pace ahead in building a structure. Furthermore, they get a clear idea of identifying colors as well as sizes of the building blocks.  With experimenting in full swing, surprisingly, kids score high in tests designed for increasing vocabulary, verbal comprehension, and grammar. Even though it’s a secret why this effect happens, it is thought that communication skills improve when due to constant interaction with parents while making the play enjoyable. Likewise, a capability of planning and recognizing the cause-and-effect sequences is also developed.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


Whether it involves painting a picture or playing an instrument, it’s a natural instinct of the kid to love the art. Unfortunately, when the kid is growing at school various arts are not thought of and so educational institutions neglect to invest in art accessories when the budget is the prime concern. But, you as a parent should not step back to provide your little one with everything that results into his or her overall buildout. Here are reasons why you should encourage your child to while away his time through an art.

Creative Thinking
The first advantage of picking an art is that it aids for the child to think creatively. As he or she gets addicted to creating something innovative, the child slowly develops a creative bent of mind. For instance, if the task involves drawing on a theme, then the kid succeeds in getting back to his parents with something unique. The little one feels leaps with joy when someone gives a pat on his or her back. An art lets his imagination soar high as he closely observes incidents every day. Being thoughtful helps to broaden his views and thereby aid in all aspects of life.

Overall growth
Plenty of things is linked with crafts or arts. When the kid works hard to be one of the best among the lot while completing the task at leisure, it helps to improve the existing skills, which not only include fine motor skills but also coordination. Besides, comprehension of colors and shapes infuses a perception of how well he is able to achieve success in the task.

Keeps a kid busy
When there is nothing to do, an empty mind might give way to negative things. Moreover, it’s all about being stagnant and dull in spare time. Refrain your little one to watch cartoons during such instances. Instead, if you get involved with your little ones, it’s like spending quality time. Imagine those moments you would share when it is raining buckets and it’s highly impossible to take your child to an amusement park.

Aids to develop a lifelong interest
When you child grows older, it becomes difficult to do something productive when his daily routine gets packed with many things to be done. In fact, it is said, that when an individual gets busy he hardly has the time to think of something else. So, why not take a step when he is young? Besides being a recreational activity, crafts for kids enable a child to think what they can possibly achieve. You would be delighted to hear that they have really been matured in their thoughts as far as career is concerned.

Help to grow in a different world
You are wrong if studies are what your child needs to concentrate on. Visual learning enhances skills when the child is engaged with crafts to incorporate diagrams and symbols. It gives a punch for developing them in the world around them.

Helps to absorb topics easily
Whether it is geometry, science or history, crafts ignite the desired interest. It could be through shapes or characters while the little one thinks about memory drawing.

If you want to broaden the options while making a purchase, do visit some arts and crafts stores online.